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Economics & Education


In the developing world, we empower those with no means by aligning them with those of means; producing an ECONOMIC & EDUCATION solution that brings real change.

This solution is delivered through the leadership of women within the developing countries we are helping. When we are able, we work closely with the First Ladies within a Country to spearhead our efforts for them to receive the maximum support within the political structure of their environment.

We offer a Sisterhood Educational Initiative for our clients by aligning them with specific U.S. Universities, where they can collaborate and grow in the areas of greatest need within their countries.

In addition to our Sisterhood Initiative, PULSE Worldwide have several economic programs to assist families with creative revenue generating opportunities within their own Communities. It’s no secret that women in the developing world face increasingly difficult challenges within their daily lives. Low pay, low social status, little to no training for specific jobs etc.

When we are able, PULSE aligns its Programs with the President of a given country’s growth policies to ensure when we need local support, we are all moving in the same direction. Some of the programs are:

Economic Growth Opportunities for Women (EGO-W)

Program promotes economic growth while also providing the local governing bodies real data of what’s happing in the small villages & communities making up the major cities. One of our goals is to take this new knowledge and provide immediate and lasting changes for the families, led this time by the Mother’s not the Father’s. We are able to do this by aligning the needs with private corporations looking to enter into the lucrative African marketplace but have been afraid to do so. Our Program helps remove the obstacles that private corporations have in front of them by the very Women in the Community that we’ve targeted to take the reigns.

Certified Legally Optimizing Sales for Everyone by Women (CLOSE-W)

This program addresses the very real corruption that is taking place all over Africa in the business world and moves toward dual transparency between the local government as well as the foreign buyer & domestic seller. Studies show that women are more detail oriented than men and honesty and integrity is a natural feeling we all have when we think of our own Mothers. Based on this type of initial emotional trust, combined with a thorough and detailed proven professional business model and training, PULSE is excited to implement this program toward helping improve the lives of the families through the professionalism of the Women in the family.

PULSE Worldwide will continue to champion women empowerment throughout the developing world. Please join us as we push the agenda of this human rights imperative initiative through professional programs that provide a hand up not a hand out to the women of the developing world.