An Innovative Perspective in HOUSING


PULSE offers our clients affordable quality housing. We bring you a patented technology that has big economic benefits & advantages to the contractor which translates to huge savings to the investor or buyer. The system we offer does not sacrifice quality, duration or comfort in our Housing Solution.


Our PULSE Housing Solution will always adapt to your building requirements for all projects large and small, because it can be installed with a completely manual or mechanized procedure as required.

Easy Execution:

Because our PULSE Housing Solution is modular and requires very few accessories, it can be installed by a workforce with minimal training. If required, it can be provided directly on site.

Quick installation:

Our PULSE Housing Solution has been designed to provide high-speed work execution. Using a stapler, heat guns, etc., it is possible to get execution results of over 100 m2 per couple of installers a day.  Even when installing our PULSE Housing Solution manually without specialized tools, it is common to get results of 40 m2 per couple of installers a day.

Structural Capacity:

Because our PULSE Housing Solution is a highly resistant mortar-coated tridimensional structure, the result is a very light and compact section wall, with a bearing capacity similar to, and in some cases, higher than the one obtained by the use of bricks or blocks.

Light Weight:

Due to our PULSE Housing Solution’s low-density plastic foam center, the whole system accounts for a lower volumetric weight than that of the materials traditionally used thus, reducing the total dead load of the construction.


Because of its size, our PULSE Housing Solution can be easily incorporated in any project, minimizing waste. Our PULSE Housing Solution can be easily resized on-site, trimming or adding parts to it in multiples of 5 cm. until obtaining the required measurements desired.


Its performance in earthquakes is excellent because inertia forces are proportional to the mass and to the weight of the building. Our PULSE Housing Solution’s lightness makes it an excellent alternative to build optimal and safe structures with the capacity to dissipate energy.