An Innovative Perspective in HEALTHCARE


Pulse Worldwide truly has an innovative perspective in everything we do. With more than twenty-five (25) years’ experience in healthcare, our clients have become our friends. Our team thinks outside the box and wants to make any project easier, run smoothly and remain within budget.

We are much more than equipment providers and planners. The needs and expectations of our clients are taken into consideration during the entire process and our goal is to have everyone completely satisfied along the way and at the finish line. Whether the project is an update to a hospital, surgery center, physician’s office, surgical or nursing program, laboratory, imaging center or any new facility; our team of experts would like to oversee each project from the planning stage until the doors are open.


Medical Equipment Planning

  • Assessment of current equipment and site visit
  • Establish budget of project
  • Timeframe
  • Transfer technology from one location to new when needed
  • Procurement and Installation of Equipment at facility

Modular Building Options-Light Construction

  • Meet with existing construction team including architects and engineers
  • Modular Building Options available with shorter turnaround time than traditional construction



  • Applications
  • Biomedical Training
  • In-Servicing for New Equipment


  • Equipment Assessment
  • Biomedical/Clinical/Diagnostic Engineering Services
  • Preventative Maintenance (PM’s) Services


  • Stock and Locate parts
  • OEM/Non-OEM/Refurbished Available
  • Repair and Exchange