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Modular Building

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PULSE Worldwide strives to bring high quality medical facilities to communities around the world. Despite the standardized designs, problems are often encountered during construction when local contractors and sub-contractors do not fully understand the complex plumbing, mechanical, and electrical system plans provided. This often results in costly budget overruns and significant time delays in getting a new facility opened. PULSE Worldwide offers a controlled method for constructing complex healthcare facilities utilizing a proprietary method for pre-engineering healthcare facilities ( specifically in dialysis clinics and an acute care hospital). PULSE Worldwide’s design and construction methodologies offered all meet current AIA, NFPA and ASHRE guidelines, together with the state-specific requirements of each Health Care Facilities Licensing Board, as well as all local Building Codes.


PULSE Worldwide offers the right commercialized building process with proprietary methods for the rapid design and construction of hospitals and other healthcare facilities including Critical Access Hospitals. In our search, PULSE Worldwide facilities offer customized, construction-ready plans within 30 days of assessing the hospital’s programming needs. The design is then translated into reality by creating a series of pre-engineered building sections, in which the complex plumbing, mechanical, electrical, medical gas, nurse call, and staff-locator systems are all installed at the factory as part of the pre-engineered building sections.

When working with PULSE Worldwide and reviewing our hospital plans, clients readily understand the thoughtful design for more efficient design that saves space, thereby reducing both construction cost and ongoing operating expenses such as maintenance and utilities. By pre-engineering and pre-fabricating major sections of the facility, PULSE Worldwide has complete control over the quality and construction time of major portions of the hospital. The result is a workflow and staffing, built to deliver excellent patient care.

Because provides our clients with access to proprietary and revolutionary methods, PULSE Worldwide is able to get drawings and the associated construction documents approved by the Health Care Facility Licensing Board and local building departments, prior to asking its clients for a first progress payment. Construction begins the day PULSE Worldwide receives final approval from each agency having jurisdiction over the hospital, and receives the client’s initial progress payment. Our clients can go from permitting to a fully licensed and functioning hospital in under a year, and without the risk of unforeseen additional charges.

Whether your plans call for a complete new facility, or merely a new ER suite or patient room wing, all PULSE Worldwide development and construction contracts guarantee, in writing, that PULSE will construct the hospital and deliver and install the specified medical equipment included with the hospital, for an up-front negotiated single fixed price. And PULSE Worldwide’s capabilities extend to all markets across the U.S., and around the world.