Pulse Worldwide Delivers Innovative Sustainability

Our Story

PULSE WORLDWIDE, in response to our client’s requests, has evolved and now operates on 7 business platforms; offering sustainable solutions in HEALTHCARE, WATER, ENERGY, AGRICULTURE, HOUSING, ECONOMICS & EDUCATION, and BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT with a keen focus on the developing world.

So what do we do specifically?  We took the basic needs of people across the globe, and addressed them by securing key technologies so that we offer true sustainable solutions to those in the developing world while at the same time assisting those in the developed world to be more efficient.  As a corporation, we had humble beginnings and focused directly on our expertise; healthcare.  Over time, it became clear to us that while we were making a good contribution to the healthcare community; we knew we were not addressing the major real life issues that were negatively affecting some of our clients.  We began to ask questions; how can a healthcare solution be sustainable if their water supply isn’t pure?  What good is having a hospital, if their power goes out on a regular basis?  A new clinic can help with diagnosis however, if the results found are malnutrition related, how is our clinic really helping?  We needed an agricultural solution too…and it all evolved from there.

The more questions we asked, the more problems we began to see existed.  It was like pealing back an onion.  How can things change for the individual if they don’t have affordable housing with access to affordable power, clean drinking water, quality nutrition, a means to earn for their families etc.?  It all came full circle for us and we knew what had to be done.  A key delivery method for us would be with basic economics and education.  It’s why we’ve combined these two onto one platform.  PULSE Worldwide is a Certified Woman Owned Business.  So we understand more than most, that in the developing world, it is through the role of women where real economic changes can take place and the conduit is through sustainable education delivery!  Traditionally, Mom is home with the children and it’s Mom that takes care of the home.  Nowhere is this more clear than in the developing world.  So through PULSE sponsored educational programs like our Sisterhood Initiative; real progress can begin within the home and real economic changes are the results.  What starts out as education solutions…quickly leads into entrepreneurial opportunities for families.  Grow your own vegetables…now sell the extra for income.  Have a fish pond…harness it’s energy…feed your family; then look to expand and adjust so you are able to resell the energy you create and/or sell the excess fish you farm in your pond.

By focusing on the developing world, we’ve strengthened our abilities to offer more efficiencies to the developed world within our own backyard.  What started as a simple focus to bring clean drinking water to the Congo…took us to helping the oil & gas industry clean up their dirty Fracking Water here in the United States; thus helping both worlds with a true sustainable solution.

Our philosophy is…we all have a PULSE, therefore, we are all connected to each other as human beings, regardless of culture or language.  We harness technology and unleash it for our clients to better care for themselves and each other.  We are truly excited about the work we have the privilege to be doing now across the globe!  Come join the PULSE family and allow us to guide you toward your own sustainable future within our world!